Wednesday, 15 December 2010

In Between Days - Tuesday

I decided to give Porlock Hill a miss and decided to try for slightly less extreme gradients this morning. I was joined for a ride by Kris from Ideal in Birmingham. I persuaded him to try the road up to Dunkery Beacon; unfortunately he was heinously over-geared and with only a 16-tooth cog at the back we decided that the one-in-four ramp at the start of the climb would be no fun so we went for a brisk 27k via Wooton Courtenay and Dunster instead.

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I was running a much less manly 13-29 cassette so I went out again to ride up to the top of the Beacon. It was amazing riding through the mist, but the road became too icy past the summit so I turned around.

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I was back for Jason Evans' inspiring talk about his work. Then it was time for Rollapalooza.

As someone who regularly witters on about running and cycling all the time, I felt duty-bound to crush all before me, and I didn't disappoint.

As I was reminded several times over the week, there was a music festival taking place, and on Tuesday we saw some great bands.

Most memorable for me on Tuesday were Factory Floor (I was concerned that Gabe might get into a fight with his synth-drums) and Caribou, who were pretty transcendent.  You have to respect a musician whose PHD thesis was titled Overconvergent Siegel Modular Symbols.

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