Thursday, 25 November 2010

Hello Kitty x Amos x Medicom

As previously posted, Amos has joined with Japanese companies Sanrio and Medicom in a collaboration to produce a new James Jarvis designed plush toy and vinyl figure. These have now been released for sale in Japan.

Unfortunately we will not be stocking these through our online store and neither will they be available through any of the usual Amos outlets in Europe. This is because exchange rates and import charges mean a ridiculously high retail price for each figure so prohibiting us, or any of our distributors, to import into Europe. It is actually cheaper for individuals to buy and import the figures from the Amos online store in Japan. So that is our suggestion for anyone that really wants either of these figures.

Please check this link for information on overseas orders.

You can buy the plush toy here.

And you can buy the vinyl toy here.

Good luck if you go for it.

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