Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Amos x ATP Primavera Posters

Recently, in conjunction with All Tomorrows Parties,  Amos produced two silk screened posters designed by James, for the Primavera festival that recently took place in Barcelona. There are two versions.

The ATP edition (x 250)...

and a special Amos exclusive deluxe edition (x 50) signed by JJ.

We are super happy with how these came out. Both look amazing. The screeners did an excellent job. 

Very soon we will have very few of both to sell along with the keyrings we posted earlier. Check the store this weekend for more information.


daveygorman said...

Nice work- look great and hope to be able to bag myself one. Without going into too much detail, will there be anything released for comic con and are there any figures due for release this year? Many thanks

Dave said...

Nice print! Hope to bag them!

Moi said...

Hi, I got mine at the festival, and it was great. It was a pitty thet last year there were only your poster and Daniel Danger Andrew bird poster, for the whole events of the festival.

Will you do this year the ATP poster?