Sunday, 21 December 2008

Greenfuzz returns...

Amos will soon publish Will Sweeney's 3rd installment of the Tales From Greenfuzz comic book series. This should be available early in the new year.

Also, possibly lifted from issue 3, we welcome the amazing "SU2CV with Frite Gunner Kommandant". Produced by Three Zero from Hong Kong, this amazing piece should also be available for pre-order on the Amos online store early in January.

More Greenfuzz images and information very soon.


ben said...

that looks fantastic... whats the pricing on such a beast?

russell said...

You don't want to know!!!

mark said...

Saw this on a few blogs- was hoping it would be available from yourselves.
Looks absolutly amazing- such fantastic detail.
I was guessing it was going to be pricey- think i saw the japanese price was equivilent to about $200- so with the exchange rate being what it is i guess Russell's right- im probably not going to want to know the price!