Monday, 11 August 2008

"Bear" good hols...

While James has been building sculptures for sporting mega-conglomerates, I've been keeping it organic while on holiday in mid California. Bit of camping, bit of hiking and some serious wildlife encounters in Kings Canyon, CA. Here's some holiday snaps. Excuse the indulgence.

Big old Redwoods. Over 2,000 plus years. I'm the tiny figure in the foreground.

The end of the road, the beginning of the Wild.

Me, on a canyon side, looking like an extreme sports plum.

After a tense, noisy night, the morning unveils signs of bear just outside our tent.

Bear cubs on the trail. Mum's just out of shot.

This one was on our path and coming our way!


Anonymous said...

I trust you took a whistle.

Joe Decie said...


Have you read 'A Walk in the Woods' by Bill Bryson? it's got some funny bits about bears.

russell said...

Thanks Joe. I need to read the Bill Bryson book. Sounds relevant to my recent experiences.

And James, as you are aware, I never leave home without a whistle which can be invaluable in times of stress. A whistle can be used to summon help when injured, to startle and frighten away threatening wildlife, or even disorientate local street bullies. A useful instrument indeed.

benny said...

You look slim!


billy said...

is that THE real bigfoot everyone has been talking about?