Friday, 16 May 2008

15 days to go and just one drawing left. Why this one?

I can only assume that everyone has missed this piece as it is now hidden amongst the "sold outs" in the Selected Drawings Gallery. This amazing A3 drawing has always been one of my favourites. It inspired a mural in a hip Soho clothing store, and also provided the inspiration for a very rare set of Silas branded Japan-only printed cushions that were designed for the Isetan department store in Tokyo. These soft furnishings were JJ's last collaboration with the original Silas team and depicted various animal characters including the squirrel with acorn. The drawing is a similar piece to the A4 drawings Animals 1 and 2 (which were snapped up super fast) but is more composed and on better quality, heavier A3 portrait size cartridge paper. It will look beautiful when well framed!!! I assumed this would be an early seller along with the Beach Boys pieces.

Why has nobody bought this? I am confused! Maybe it is fate telling me that it should be mine...


stephen said...

Please RW & JJ

Don't you think that 49/50 runs is a pretty good rate though? Isn't the glass half full? Though I hear what you're saying - those animals are super-cute but I didn't think this one or the Beach Boys would go first. I'm just happy there was one remaining from my list of ten that I could get (plus an extra one for good luck).

Please don't dwell. It makes me sad.

Love Stephen

russell said...

Please don't misunderstand. I have absolutely, definitely no complaints!!! The Gallery has been much more successful than we ever imagined. James and I are extremely happy and very grateful to everyone that visited and bought pieces.

No, this is just confusion and curiosity. I feel this is a particularly appealing drawing. I am simply curious as to why this specific one was left behind when I honestly thought it would be snapped up early!

Any comments anyone?



Arron said...

I have 2 possible theory's. The 1st one is that the drawing does not display any of the more recent sculptures that you guys have done and thus people do not associate with it as much. The 2nd (and I fit into this one) is that they did not have the green to make the purchase ;o(.

Here's hoping there is another gallery in the not to distant future.........

russell said...


both your theories make total sense! You are indeed wise.